Linda A Gilkeson


I am making these presentations freely available, because they are on topics of great concern.

Where Have All the Insects Gone? (pdf)
Updated March 2022
Global insect populations have dropped precipitously in the last 40 years. This matters for our food supply, for a healthy environment and the future of birds and other wildlife. Find out what may be causing the widespread declines and how gardeners can help.

Grow Your own Seedlings (pdf)
How to produce good quality vegetable starts from seed, including providing sufficient light and what temperature, moisture and soil mixes to use. Also timing for starting vegetables and how to harden them off for their move to the garden.

Save Your Own Seeds (pdf)
Maintain heritage seed varieties and save money by learning to save your own vegetable seeds. The presentation covers easy seed saving methods, including choosing parent plants, how to prevent cross-pollinati​on and methods for drying, cleaning and storing seeds.

Butterfly Identification & Counting Methods (pdf)
For participants in the Salt Spring butterfly count, the slides cover basic biology, how to identify common species and tell confusing species apart and methods for participating in the months counts.

Information in these slides below are relevant for gardeners in coastal British Columbia and Washington and was current as of 2019. I continually update my presentations, therefore talks I give on these topics will vary from what is shown here.

Resilient Gardens for a Changing Climate (pdf) **Updated June 2022** 
Our regional climate is changing as the global climate changes. Learn how extreme weather affects plants, including trees, how to design resilient food and ornamental gardens and help plants survive extreme weather. Also find out the role gardeners can have in mitigating climate change, including designing landscapes to capture carbon.